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At Exotica,
life goes beyond
the living room


The one who travels, and dares to venture beyond the horizon, is the one who truly appreciates the meaning of life.

Strategically located between the Central Business District and Bangalore International Airport, Brigade Exotica strikes a perfect balance between work and leisure.

Offices and Commercial Centres
Signature Towers at Brigade Golden Triangle 5 min
Bearys Global Research Triangle 5-10 mins
RMZ Infinity 20 - 25 min
GR Tech Park 20 - 25 min
ITPL 25 - 30 min
KIADB Aerospace SEZ 30 - 35 min
Japanese Business Hub & Honda 30 - 35 min
Volvo Manufacturing Unit 30 - 40 min


A small disclaimer before I say anything about Brigade that we have finished all our financial transactions with them. So here we don’t gain anything. Our first interaction started with Brigade when we purchased an apartment in Brigade Metropolis. From there we have a good relationship with them. After a few years we booked Brigade Golden Triangle which is similar to Brigade Metropolis just as an investment. But then when we checked Brigade Exotica we were surprised by the elevation of the building as well as the how spacious each apartment was. This was in 2012 when it was still in paper and in a small model. We blindly purchased it and do not regret. It took time to complete and the idea was way ahead its time as the demand of such properties have risen now. This has been our personal experience that with whom ever we interacted from Brigade have been very forthcoming. Not that there has been no issues. Each building of any builder will have. But the best part of Brigade is they will look into it and solve it in the best possible way. They are approachable. We have Loved Brigade Exotica so much that we have gone ahead and purchased another one. Our relationship with Brigade has been for more then a decade and we keep going back to them. This says something. Hopefully they follow the same principle and grow bigger and build many more and better then the previous projects.

Mrs Uma Dhananjay, Brigade Exotica


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