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At Exotica,
life goes beyond
the living room

Nature Balance

At Brigade Exotica, life goes beyond the living room. Here, the outdoors are manicured to inspire human imagination.

The ground level Balinese styled landscape, with ample trees, shrubs and water bodies. Besides creating a sustainable habitat for innumerable species of flora and fauna, the green zones elevate oxygen levels in the immediate eco-system

Adding aesthetics to nature, this residential space is dotted with manicured lawns and gardens

Facilities at Brigade Exotica
Clubhouse with sporting facilities
Jogging track
Retail facility
Green Features

Site Ecology:

Soil erosion control measures
Extensive landscaping
High albedo painted roof
Provision for the differently abled
Electrical charging facility for cars

Energy Efficiency:

High performance glazing
Energy efficient lighting fixtures
DG sets catering to 75% of the total connected load
Energy efficient lifts, pumps and motors


Segregation of waste and recycling
Construction waste management

Water Efficiency:

100% rain water harvesting
Water efficiency fixtures
Water efficiency management in irrigation systems
Onsite sewage treatment plant
Recycled water for landscaping and flushing
Water meters to control water consumption

Indoor Environmental Quality:

90% of every unit area is day lit
No smoking zone in common areas
Low VOC products (Volatile Organic Compound)
Adequate light and ventilation

At Brigade Exotica, ecofriendliness goes beyond lush green landscapes. Our constant efforts to replenish environmental resources have earned us the IGBC Green Homes Pre-certified Gold.


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